{Recipe Share} Healthy Tuna Sandy

Back in the day when we had absolutely no money (and I mean no moulah people), my Dad taught me to live off of Tuna Sandwiches.

Essentially you only have to have five things, and up until the recent future everything has been pretty cheap. 

What in the hell happened to the price of canned tuna people?  Do they think I’m going to open it up and use it for sushi?  Its not like you can crack open a can and sear it on all fours and serve it to next to a bed of jasmine rice. RIDICULOUS!

But I digress…

So here is my healthy version of that sandwich that helped me survive my highschool years.  Enjoy!

{Healthy Tuna Sandy}

2.6oz tuna (I bought it in the packet – it was cheaper)
2 tbsp. light mayo (Do not, I repeat, DO NOT use Fat Free Mayo.  Blech)
2 mini dill pickles
2 slices of whole wheat bread (Whole wheat must be the first ingredient)
freshly ground black pepper

Serving Size – 1 Sandwich = 340 calories.
(Add a Light Yogurt and you’re right around 420 calories – it always fills me up good.  Lots of protein and lots of flavor)

Open your tuna and spoon it into a small bowl.

Add 2 tbsps. of Light or Low Fat Mayo. 
Once again, DO NOT USE FAT FREE MAYO.  That stuff is hideous to your tastebuds.  You might as well just go gnaw on dirt if you’re going to use it in your cooking.

Next, bring our your cute little dill pickles.  My trick is to slice it lengthwise once, then repeat and then start chopping.  Takes absolutely no time at all and most of your little chunks are right about the same size.

Awww, check out them cute little babies!

Next, add your chopped pickles into the mix.

Stir up the mix real good and add a few nice turns of freshly ground black pepper on top.

Voila!  A sandy with lots of flavor and a bit of a crunch.  Soo tasty if you’re a fan of tuna!


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