{In My Shoes} Could this be January?

It’s a rare occasion nowadays that the hubby gets to come home early on a Friday afternoon.  When he called to let me know he was going to be home, I bundled up the kids and we went out to the shop to await his arrival. 

Noodle was in her walker – running around the shop absolutely giddy with excitement.  Kiddo thought it was hilarious how hard she was laughing, so it began a chain reaction of laughter.  That is one of the countless things I love about kids…their laughter is contagious!

Hubby came home and unbelievably – the wind wasn’t blowing. 

Yes, you read that correctly.  There was not a breath of wind in Park City Montana around 4:00 this afternoon! 

Let me tell you – it has been blowing…and blowing…and blowing for at least three months solid out here.  We might get a few hours off here and there – but I liken it to be compared to living in one of those zero gravity wind tunnels!

So all bundled up in jackets, we went out and played on the slide.  Most of the time I forget to nab my camera and get pictures of the kids.  As a photographer – I know some people can’t imagine that I don’t have my Nikon on my hip all the time.  The thing is though, I’m normally so engrossed with playing with the kids that it never crosses my mind until after the fact.  Then I’m like “Dammit! I should have gotten pictures!”

Today was different though.  Noodle was in a superb mood (which is rare late in the afternoon) and Kiddo was, as always, a ball full of energy. 

I snapped picture after picture…the kiddo saying “Cheese!” for every one of his photo ops – Noodle loving that she was being held by Daddy while watching brother swing higher and higher.  It amazes me how little it takes to get kids that happy!

I showed these to the hubby before I decided to post them here – and he got pretty teared up at the last one surprisingly.  He said, “I want you to get a print of that one.  Even just a wallet.  I want it so I can have it with me all the time.”

Best compliment EVER.  🙂

Swingin with Daddy!

You should have heard her laughing here!!!

Kiddo – I forget from time to time that he’s not my little man anymore!

Love her expression 🙂

Look. At. Those. CHEEKS!  Everyone we ever see always says something about them.  They are huge!  I looove them!  I could just nom nom nom on them all day long!

This is the picture that hubby wants.  I can see why.  🙂  Boooooy, does he love his little Noodle!



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