{In My Shoes} Getting out of the house…

There are times when I just need to get out of the house.

Most weeks at home with the kids, we’ll take a trip to WalMart, a drive into Billings for errands and maybe visit with a friend or two.  This last week though – I was cooped up with two kids under the age of three and was itching SOOO BAD to get out and do something.  Anything. 

So Saturday morning rolls around.  The hubby is making coffee, putzing around in the shop, playing with the kids, etc…and I’m “getting ready” (as he would call it). 

“What do you think you’re doing?”  He asks playfully.

“Well we’re doing something!” I say.

“What is it exactly that we are doing?” Hubby asks again…

“Lets go for a drive…”

That always works.  Ever since hubby and I met almost ten years ago – going for a drive is something that we do quite often.  Even with the kids – we’ll strap them in their carseats and drive around to our favorite places for sometimes eight hours before getting back home.  I, of course, always bring my camera.

This time was no different.  We didn’t really go far – in fact – we only went as far as Columbus before we snaked our way back home.  We did stop at this one place though…a place I have only been once.  Some of you might remember…

It gave me the heebie jeebies.

The last time I was there – I only had kiddo at the time.  I was in dire need to get out of the house (I see a trend here…) so I strapped him in his car seat and we went for a drive while I stopped and took pictures along the way.  This place that I stopped though, oh my gosh.  There were freekin dead animal carcasses (lots…more than there should ever naturally be in one place), swastikas painted on the underside of the highway bridge, and it was so windy that the dry tree branches screeching against each other making this seriously eerie sound.

Thankfully though, since I had the hubby with me this time, I wasn’t nearly as creeped out by it.  I ended up walking out along where the diversion dam begins to divert water into the canal system that serves all of Park City.  I had never seen anything like it before – its quite the feat of engineering…especially since it was designed in 1924.  Yes, its just a diversion dam, but man was that cool to see. 

So, in the end, I overcame a fear of this place that creeped me out, and because of it I can see myself spending a lot more time there now that I know what’s past the tunnel. 

You never know what’ll happen if you decide to go for a drive…







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